New project on human trafficking and human smuggling

Prof. dr. mr. Maartje van der Woude (Van Vollenhoven Institute) has received funding from the Dutch National Police to carry out a phenomenon research on the extent to which, and how, human trafficking and human smuggling are intertwined phenomena in intra-Schengen border areas.

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By combining an ethnographic research in two border areas – Belgium/France and France/Spain – and two surveys, the research aims to provide new insights on both phenomena. Prof. van der Woude will lead the project and will carry out the research together with two student-trainees - Hannah DeLacey and Thea Hickmann - and with Roxane de Massol de Rebetz, a junior researcher at the Van Vollenhoven Institute. The latter will use the eighteen months project of the National Police as the start of a PhD project. The National Police's funding offers the opportunity to Prof. van der Woude to expand her NWO VIDI research, and in particular her ethnographic case studies.