Hannah DeLacey

Hannah DeLacey

Hannah S. DeLacey

Guest Staff Member at Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society

Since January 2018, Hannah DeLacey is working as an intern on the research project "Combatting Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling in intra-Schengen Border Areas" directed by Prof. Maartje van der Woude.

As part of this research project, Hannah DeLacey is conducting a systematic qualitative descriptive literature review on both human trafficking and human smuggling, together with Thea Hickmann.  Adopting a broad European scope, the systematic literature review aims to assess the extent to which human trafficking and human smuggling are described and perceived as intertwined by the scholarship and the grey literature.

Hannah DeLacey holds a Bachelor degree in Humanities and Social Science from Western Washington University (Bellingham, United States). In 2015, she received her MSc in Sociology from the University of Amsterdam.