Maryla Klajn

Maryla Klajn

Maryla Klajn MSc

PhD candidate at Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society, Leiden Law School

Since May 2017, Maryla Klajn works as PhD candidate at the Van Vollenhoven Institute, Leiden Law School. In her project "Agents of Change? (Hi)stories, perspectives and everyday practices of intra-Schengen border officials. Human agency and street-level discretionary decision making in matters of cross-border mobility" she is researching the importance and impact of discretion in the merger between criminal and immigration law (‘crimmigration’).  In this project, she focuses on the discretion available to and used by the border police in securing the internal EU borders.

Maryla Klajn received her BA in Sociocultural Anthropology from University of Washington in 2011, and MSc in Cultural & Social Anthropology from University of Amsterdam in 2017. For her Master’s thesis she researched the implementation of Polish deportation policy, with special attention paid to human agency.

Before commencing her PhD, she has also worked as a research assistant at the University of Washington for Behavioral Psychology, Sociology, and History departments.